Why Is Nobody Talking About Kawhi Leonard’s Fourth Quarter Play?

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The Clippers once again lost last night, down 2-0 to the Jazz. The Clippers went down big but came back thanks to the play of Reggie Jackson. Even had a shot to win but as always the Clippers found a way to lose. Kawhi Leonard finished the night with 21 last night but had three turnovers and was nonexistent in the fourth. Funny, if someone else played like this in the fourth it is all we would hear about for days. But oh no Kawhi, don’t call him the best player in the world when he isn’t consistently the best player on the court. Leonard had two points and shot 1-4 from the field in the fourth. Talk about trash fourth-quarter play, and all this happened when he was guarded by Bojan Bogdanovic.

Again nobody is talking about this. God awful play in the fourth and we are just going to ignore it? Such a joke, again if that was another LA player that happens to play for Lakers, it’s all we would hear about. Hell, if that was Paul George we would hear about it. Why is Kawhi not getting dragged for this type of play? Makes no sense, Donovan Mitchell has easily outplayed him. After tow letdown performance, let’s see how Leonard responds for game three. Game three Saturday at 8:30.

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