Why is Nate Robinson an Underdog Tonight?

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Its fiiiiiiggggghhhhtttt niiiiggghhhhhttttttt … who cares. I’m sorry but as an 18 year old who never witnessed prime Tyson I give zero fucks about his return tonight. That being said, I will be watching, and gambling, and probably losing.

Lets be honest, the two marquee fights on this card are a douchy Youtuber vs a washed up sixth man, and a glorified sparring match between two men who are half way to 100. So, if you’re a pretentious fight fan such as myself, garbage such as this doesn’t do it for you, and you gotta gamble. With that in mind, how the hell is Nate Robinson +220 tonight?

We’ve got a Youtuber who’s boxed one time in a fight that very well might have been fixed, vs a former professional athlete and dunk champion … in what world is the Youtuber a 3/1 favorite in that scenario? I get it Paul looked ‘good’ in his last fight, but we’re dealing with a professional athlete here! This definitely could just be me having a hard on for NBA players and a lack of understanding about the Youtube community, but I’ll definitely ride Robinson tonight. (pause)

Also, don’t be scared to dabble on Tyson and Jones to draw at +600. I can definitely envision a scenario in which these geezers get in there, dance around for a few rounds, and the celebrity judges don’t have the heart to pick a winner.

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I'm an 18 Year Old who's repeatedly had his heart ripped out by the Cowboys, Yankees, and Nets. Proud displayer of a jewy haircut, and even jewier nose. Here 4 a good tyme.

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