Why Is McDonalds Sprite Trending

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After a quick login to Twitter, you can see that McDonalds 2nd best soft drink option is trending. Now, after combing the site, I’ve come up with nothing here. All I’ve been able to find is memes that make me laugh quite a bit and the only reason is people love that god forsaken drink. So why not share the memes with you all.

McDonalds Sprite is something that only they create. I have no idea how they do it but boy that shit will smack your titties around the whole damn place. In a sense it’s “spicy” soda which means it has so much carbonation it burns. Love it, can’t replicate it and the only thing better is McDonalds Coke.

Just a very weird/odd internet moment. It isn’t everyday you see decently wholesome content on the internet that everyone unanimously joined in on the joke and it’s amazing. Hopefully there are more days like this to come as the world could use some unity, even if it’s over a soft drink.

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