Why Is Love Sosa Trending? | Tom Brady

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Tom Brady after a win the next morning drops a ‘victory video’ where he does a quick speech about everything great the team did and usually throws shade at the opponent they beat and throws shade at next weeks opponent.

In this video the Buccaneers beat Chicago in dominant fashion, Brady threw for his 600th career touchdown and decided to go a little extra on the trolling by playing Chief Keefs ‘Love Sosa’ in the mix.

Chief Keef is obviously a Chicago legend and Love Sosa being one of his most popular songs, Brady remains the ultimate troll.

Bradys social team is unbeaten and does GOAT things just like Tom Brady is. Playing Love Sosa after putting the beat down on the Bears, Brady is the best troll on social media and you have to admire him on all levels. A 42 year old man being so in tune with social media is something to admire for sure. Brady is the GOAT.

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