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Why Is #FireKMarko Trending on Twitter? @Kmarkobarstool @stoolpresidente @kirkmin @kirkminshow

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Do you need to be caught up on why #FireKMarko is trending on Twitter? No worries I got you covered! Here are two stories I did earlier this evening:

If you do not have time to click on either of those stories don’t worry I got you covered with a quick rundown. Zonker wrote a blog about Minihane and how they got into a fight and Keith asked Dave if he could post it. Dave approved of the blog without reading it, Minihane was pissed and texted Dave about the article. Apparently the blog was very ‘political charged’ and it should have never been posted, Keith dropped the ball once again. KMarko should of never posted the blog but this seemed like a way of him proving that he really doesn’t like Kirk. Asshole move on KMarko’s part for sure. The racist and homophobic tweets that people on the internet have found that Keith posted in 2011 are disgusting and he needs to be punished and probably fired. I am calling for Dave Portnoy to do a Emergency Press Conference on KMarko and where he stands on the issue because tonight has been one hell of a rollercoaster. As far as I am concerned it is #FireKmarko

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