Why Is Elementary/Middle/High School Going On Still If They’re Canceling All Sporting Events and College?

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I’m not fully understanding this. The Michigan High School Athletic Association announced they’ll be suspended all winter sporting events until further notice. This comes after professional leagues like the NBA and NHL announcing the suspension of their leagues. I get that part. What I don’t understand is why are kids still being forced to go to school during this breakout?

Colleges are canceling or else moving everything online. But we are still sending kids to elementary, middle, and high school?

I don’t understand it. If we are going to cancel the after school events for the kids, then why isn’t school canceled completely?

We are going to act like having hundreds/thousands of kids in one area is fine, but we can’t have hundreds watching a sporting event?

I understand this is serious and action must be taken but… what’s the difference if the kids are going home to the same people who’d have been at a sporting event and then walking into a school with kids and adults the next day?

It seem’s like big organizations are playing this safe by canceling, but oh, you know, we can keep hundreds of kids in one place! That’ll be fine.

Doesn’t make sense. Maybe cancel school?

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