Why is Dolly Parton Trending? @Dolly Parton

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Country Superstar Dolly Parton requests that a bill to consider making a statue of her on the Tennessee Capitol grounds to be removed. You may be asking why did Dolly release this statement or what her motive may be when you read this press release, you will quickly realize why she is one of the most loved celebrities of all time!

Dolly Patron asking the state of Tennessee to remove from consideration a bill that would make a statue to her because she feels it is inappropriate to do so with everything that is happening in the world is exactly why she needs a statue dedicated to her.

She truly is a saint and a wonderful human being. Most celebrities and entertainers would flock at the opportunity to have a statue dedicated to them but Dolly recognizes their are more important things that the state of TN can be doing right now whether that is; figuring out a plan to safely reopen schools, provide economic relieve to families in need, and so much more important things other than making a statue for a celebrity.

Dolly Patron is truly an iconic, we should all strive to be as selfless as her and see life from her point of view.

PS: admit that you would want to bang Dolly Patron its ok

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