Why is Damn Tory Trending?

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In this segment of “Why is (blank) trending” we look no further than Mr. Tory Lanez. We all know of the drama between Tory and Meg the Stallion where he ‘allegedly’ shot her in the (not really so much allegedly we know he did it). Than Tory came out with a terrible mixtape basically saying he didn’t shot her, now it comes out that he just got charged with the crime of shooting Megan, what a wild ride. In come Twitter goofing relentless on Tory in 3…2…1

You really shouldn’t make a whole mixtape/album claiming you didn’t shoot her when everyone knows you did it. I mean that seems pretty simple to me but I guess to each is his own.

This whole saga with the altercation between both Megan and Tory has been a wild ride and it is only fitting that it gets an absolute wild ending. I just can’t believe that charges were brought down on him crazy and I am glad that he is actually being held accountable because that situation could of resulted in death and turned into a tragedy very quick.

I am glad that there was an ending to this because who knows the ‘beef’ that could of happened between the two. But damn Tory can’t believe he is getting locked up for real.

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