Why is Damn Dak Trending?

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Cowboys QB Dak Prescott who is playing his heart out against the Giants just looks as if he either broke his leg or ankle.

He was just carted off the field and it just doesn’t look very good. Warning the video is very graphic:

This goes to show why the franchise tag sucks and players should get all the money they can while they are healthy playing. This is really terrible, I really wish him a speedy recovery but man does this suck you never want to see this.

Please no Dak memes or anything right now, there is no words how to describe how bad this is. Dak is a talent and right now was doing everything he could to have them win this football game. The Cowboys season did not look good before Dak went down and who knows where it goes from here. So sad hopefully Dak comes back soon and stronger than ever. Prayers up.

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