Why Is Bryce Hall Trending? | @BryceHall

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If you’re clicking on this you’re more than likely just as confused as I was about 10 minutes ago when I noticed that Bryce Hall is trending.

If you don’t know who Bryce Hall is he’s a TikToker and some sort of an influencer. If your influence is towards punching people and being on roids that is. But besides that he also has a business type of podcast where he interviews top business owners – the podcast isn’t too bad. Bryce is also dating Addison Rae – one of the most popular influencers.

Apparently Bryce is trending today because some people are tweeting about him being hot and then there are other people saying that he’s not hot.

What a start to 2021.

Bryce Hall had something to say about it this morning:

Click the next page to view some of the funniest tweets about him trending:
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