Why is Bronny James Trending?

Like I do every night I like to hop on Twitter and see what is trending like the sheep I am. I saw that Bronny James was trending and I figured it was something basketball related, or something to do with Faze Clan, but to my surprise Twitter is in an uproar because apparently 15 year old Bronny is ‘allegedly’ dating a Tik-Tok white girl. Who cares who Bronny is dating, he is 15 y’all are a bunch of weirdos let the kid be a kid.

This is the video everyone is going crazy about. I don’t know how this is a sign of them even dating but it is literally none of my business. Why do people care? A 15 year old has that much of an impact on your life you take to Twitter to voice your opinion, that seems a little odd to me but call me crazy I guess. This app is a weird place grown men are criticizing a 15 year old boy, leave him alone jeez.

Will never understand why people even care about this seems very, very strange that grown MEN care that Bronny is dating or even hanging out with a girl, just because she is white. This whole situation is so strange. I will leave it at this leave Bronny alone.

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