Why is ‘Alex Jones’ Trending?

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Why is one the most polarizing internet personalities trending? Well I did the digging for you, apparently he was in Texas and caught a man ‘smuggling children’. I put that in quotes because it is allegedly smuggling children. If that truly is the case that he did save these kids he deserves some recognition right? Just watch the video and come to your own conclusion of what is going on.

My first question when I watched this video was, “why is someone smuggling children in broad daylight?” and my second question was “why does Alex Jones have a full camera crew with him?” But then I remembered that it was Alex Jones so I don’t really question that because the dude isn’t fully there in the head so it doesn’t surprise me in slightest that he has a full camera crew with him.

When it comes to the question if this video is ‘staged’ or not I would vote no. I know that probably surprises some people but I don’t think Alex has time to fake these things, but maybe he does because he does create wacky propaganda that fits him and his followers agenda. But from watching this video everything seems very sincere. If it does come out that this is real, than they all did a hell of an acting job.

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