Why Is ‘2.2 GPA’ Trending? @ochocinco

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Have you ever heard the argument of ‘maintaining a 2.2 GPA’ while look no further than the national treasure Chad Ochocinco. Chad just tweeted out this text conversation with his daughter and just read it:

Easily the best part of this text is Chad saying that he maintained a 2.2 GPA and being a star athlete. The 2.2 GPA must of kept him eligible for playing high school sports and Twitter is having a field day with this tweet.

Give Ochocinco a break he was a star athlete and was pulling a six hour shift at McDonalds that in it of itself is pretty impressive I am almost positive that their is not other many star athletes who had jobs while playing a sport in high school. This really is a wild tweet but Chad is also the man saying eating McDonalds prevents injuries. I think Chad is a genius and that he is a great parent as well. I also agree school is usually unless you are going to be a lawyer, doctor, or scientist.

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