Why do we care what Cole Beasley has to say?

Cole Beasley is trending again. Fun! If you don’t know, the guy’s pretty anti-vax, and occasionally goes on wild Twitter rampages about how he’s not getting the vaccine and all that BS. Today his trending was sparked by Mark Cuban offering up Pfizer stock if he gets it, and then Cole running his mouth on Twitter again.

While I don’t really have a side to take in this whole situation, there’s no denying that this was a pretty weak offer from Cuban. The guy has billions and the most he’s willing to offer up is one share of Pfizer? One share! That’s currently worth $41.05, but hey, maybe that 3.78% dividend is enough to turn the Beasley’s.

Really though, why does ANYBODY give a single shit on what Cole Beasley has to say about the vaccine? He’s not a scientist, he’s not a doctor, he’s not an expert, he’s a slightly above average slot receiver whose receptions prop over happens to be a lock every single week. So, why would anyone care what his thoughts are on the COVID vaccine? Like, bro, don’t worry about if he’s vaxxed, worry about if he’s gonna go over 38.5 yards on Monday night football!

If Cole Beasley came out and advocated that all Americans inject the Pfizer, J&J, and Moderna vaccines into their assholes simultaneously it would have the same effect as him being anti-vax. Regardless of what you think about the vaccine, Cole Beasley’s opinion on it is so freaking irrelevant, and anyone worried about it needs to rethink who they take medical advice from.

PS: If you do happen to be a fan of Cole, check out his rap album. Not terrible, not terrible at all.


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