Why Did They Schedule the Election on Bachelorette Night?

It’s honestly starting to feel like the democratic system has no regard for reality television. Scheduling the election on a Tuesday are you kidding me? Excuse me for the slightly homo-erotic nature of these next few words, but my Tuesdays are reserved for Chris Harrison, and Chris Harrison only (and MACtion.)

So, instead of spending my night finding out if Dale and Clare are gonna leave together, I’m just sitting here like an asshole waiting to see who the next leader of the free world will be. Honestly, Wednesday’s usually a pretty dry night in my schedule, so if they could change election night to Wednesday’s going forward, that would be much appreciated.

On a brighter note, if you are someone who stresses about the election, just know, with either a Trump, Biden, or Kanye victory, we’re still guaranteed to have The Bachelor on Thursday. If the whole world lets you down tonight, just know Chrissy Harrison will still be there to lift the spirits on Thursday. And the Tuesday after that. And the Tuesday after that. And the Tuesday after that.

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