Why Did The Cowboys Leave Dak Prescott out of the 2021 Hype Video?

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Ok I know I shouldn’t be nervous about this, but I 100% am. The Cowboys left out Dak Prescott, AKA QB1, AKA the franchise superstar, AKA the guy who currently doesn’t have a contract for 2021 out of the 2021 hype video. Team PR says this was just a mere oversights but liiiikkkeeee… I don’t know, how do you forget the fucking quarterback?

I’m sorry but there were a lot of players included in that video. Fucking Tony Pollard and Dalton Schultz get thrown in, but not the starting quarterback? This is 100% cause for concern, especially if you consider the fact that Dak’s contract is up. That would be like if the Lakers made a hype tape and forgot LeBron, or the Bucs forgot about Brady. Either the video editing team all came down with a bad case of dementia and has the decision making of Nathan Petermann, or Daks gone. Praying for the former.

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