Why Coach Jason Brown (@TheRealCoach_JB) Needs To Be Hired

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Coach Jason Brown is most popular for his appearance in the Netflix documentary series, “Last Chance U”. He is also known for his vulgarity and lack of being able to hold his tongue. Which to some comes off as, aggressive, or incentive. I for one would disagree with those people. Coach Brown is exactly what the kids need. He’s a no nonsense type of coach that ultimately wants the best out of his players. Brown may have his shortcomings but no one can forget the All-Star lineup he was able to recruit to Independence Kansas.


You can find JB most days anywhere on the internet. In most recent news, I saw that he officially got the approval for his trademark on the word, “Slap Dick”. Which is just the absolute funniest fucking thing you could imagine. JB needs to be back in the coaching ranks again. He’s too much of a personality to not be on the sidelines. Why not give him a shot at a small D-1 ranked school and see what he could do with high caliber talent and the ability to recruit higher caliber athletes. I would FUCKING LOVE to see JB yelling on SEC CBS Saturday games. He would be the best fit for Tennessee Football ever, hell he might even bring em back to championship form.

Bring JB back. Plain and simple.

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