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Why are we leaving seats open for NBA Youngboy?

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In case you haven’t seen the new TikTok trend, people are now posting empty seats at sporting events and saying that the seat is left open just in case NBA Youngboy wants to pull up. Personally, I love this trend, and I love NBA Youngboy. He rules. Outsidde Today and Through Da Storm could literally replace the national anthem and I wouldn’t complain about it.

I can think of about a million places I’d save a seat for Youngboy. The Rutgers dining hall, a bus, a movie theatre, a funeral, a wedding, my lap. Literally wherever he wants. I just want an excuse to talk to the guy for like 5 minutes. HE WOULD LOVE ME. We could talk rap, drugs, gangs, bitches, all my specialties, all his specialties. It’s a match made in heaven.

We’d get along though right? Sometimes the best of friends have the least in common. He grew up in gang culture selling drugs and I rode my bike in the suburbs. I think we’re both looking to have people like each other in our lives.

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Noah Gagnon

19-year-old student. MMA Enthusiast. 2014 Bedminster Middle School Boys Mile Run Second Place. BJJ White Belt. Kind Guy.
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