Why Am I Watching Archie Manning On ESPN2 Right Now?

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Archie Manning nephew of Peyton and Eli Manning is a sophomore and the top QB in the class of 2023 is making his national TV debut right now on ESPN2. He is 15 years old and he is been deemed as a ‘prodigy’ and the next great quarterback…I mean come on he’s 15. But from the little I have seen so far he is very poised for just being a sophomore but pumping him up to be something he is not will not be good for his development long term. You can’t tell if he is ‘legit’ or predict what is he is going to be. I think this is wild they are putting a sophomore QB on national T.V, ESPN must be in trouble as far as the content and rating department is concerned.

Time will tell what Archie becomes but he seems to have a great circle around him. It has been reported that Archie does not have any form of social media, he will do interviews, and the big rumor is he is not accepting recruiting offers and is just focusing on school and winning football games.

I would say it really helps to have Peyton and Eli Manning has your uncle’s and he will continue to develop into a great player. I wish Archie the best but the hype around putting him on national t.v is pretty nuts to me, but hey look at me I am watching it! What do I know!

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