Who’s the best in College Football? Big shakeup in rankings!!

We all know you can’t win a title in September, but you sure can lose one. Rankings based on eye test, quality wins, talent, who have you played.

1. LSU: They have the best win on the board vs Texas. Tigers QB Burrow is top 4 in Hiesman Trophy race. Talent at every position.

2. Georgia: Notre Dame win very impressive. Explosive playmakers, defense is awesome. Can Kirby Smart get over the Saban hump.

3. Ohio State: Have not played a quality team at all. Fields looks amazing though running Day’s offense. Dobbins best back in college. Can their talented defense do it against the big boys?

4. Alabama: Tua will be in NY for Heism an Trophy. Defense is giving up a lot of points to mediocre SEC teams.

5. Auburn: Beat 3 top 35 teams but haven’t beaten an elite team yet. D Line is filthy, Nix getting better each game.

6. Oklahoma: Hurts is right now number 1 in Heisman race. They have played terrible Big 12 defenses and cupcakes. Can they beat Texas twice?

7. Penn State: Really weak schedule so far, but talent is obvious all over field and undefeated is undefeated.

8. Clemson: Barely escaped a very mediocre UNC road game. They just look off, can Dabo right the ship. No good wins left for Clemson.

9. Florida: Undefeated, schedule decent, just a solid team not an elite team.

10. Wisconsin: Looked unbeatable vs Michigan, looked very beatable bs Northwestern. Good team not great, OSU will blow them out.

11. Notre Dame: After tough loss to top 2 team, great bounce back win @ home vs. a very good and well coached Virginia team. Schedule has good teams left to build resume.

12. Texas: They have the grittiest QB in Ehlinger. Will beat Oklahoma once, LSU loss won’t hurt them too bad. Can they win out?

13. Iowa : Undefeated, now their seasons starts vs good teams. We will see who the Hawkeyes really are.

14. Washington: That Cal loss might not hurt too bad at the end of the year. Outside shot at playoff if certain things happen and they win out.

15. Oregon: Auburn loss looks better every week. Will the PAC 12 keep cannibalizing each other.

16. Wake Forrest: I mean B.C. Isn’t an amazing win but quality. Still undefeated so I’ll show some love to the Deacons.

17. SMU: They are the best team in the best group of 5 conference. Will they run the table and pull off an UCF type run?

18. Utah: Good team. Conference games keep swallowing each other up.

19. Boise State: Undefeated, schedule is super easy, no quality wins left on the board.

20. Memphis: Undefeated, played good non conference schedule. SMU lingering in the future, winner of that goes to New Years bowl.

21. Baylor: They just keep winning and play who were scheduled. Not any great wins but keep winning they will keep rising in the rankings.

22. UCF: Proved doubters right with playing back to back power 5 teams and losing a game but still a very dangerous, talented team.

23 . Arizona St: Insert random PAC 12 team here they are all the same. Will all end up 8-4 but I like Herm so.

24. Michigan: I didn’t want to put another PAC 12 team here. Rutgers win didn’t really do it for me.

25. Army: Salute to the troops. Will win out. Commander in Chief trophy is theirs. Will win their best Bowl game ever this year.

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