Who will become NFL MVP this season?

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Predicting who is likely to win the NFL MVP is no longer an easy feat. In the past, players have won it with stats that would not even get close to the middle-of-the-road picks in the modern game. This has made it harder to choose who will take the gong, which has shown in the odds available for sports betting Indiana. With the announcement drawing closer all the time, we have taken a look at who is most likely to walk away with the biggest personal prize in all of sports.

Lamar Jackson

In just his second season as a pro baller, Lamar Jackson has shown incredible improvement on what was already a highly impressive debut year. He has been in the top five of almost all quarterback stats throughout the season and has led a lot of them. Lamar Jackson is a pure example of what can happen when you work as hard as possible in order to be good at something. He might not have the level of natural talent that a player such as Patrick Mahomes has, but Jackson has shown over the course of the season that his performances have been the best. 

He is currently the odds on favorite to walk away as the MVP this season, and a lot of it has been based on how he has pushed the Baltimore Ravens forward this season. At one point, he led the team on a 12-game winning streak, which led to the Ravens having an excellent win-loss record over the course of the season. The biggest question is, can he withstand any late pressure from the other elite-level quarterbacks who play in the league. If he can, then Jackson could be walking away as the NFL MVP in just his second pro season, an achievement that will be hard to overlook.

Russell Wilson

Wilson always seems to be the nearly man when it comes to MVP. No season shows this more than this year. Wilson’s performances for a team with one of the leakiest defenses in the league shows just how valuable he is as a player. He managed to drag the Seattle Seahawks to a playoff place when many felt that they would be out of the race this year. What is all the more impressive is that he managed to do this without any real stars in the offense. 

Wilson is definitely one of the most underappreciated players of his generation. His ability to create something out of nothing is what makes him so special. If the Seahawks can build around him over the next two seasons, then we could see him finally getting that MVP award. However, unless they can add to their roster in a way that makes the most of his talents, he could spend the rest of his days dragging along a lifeless team. 

Despite the overall poor performance of the Seahawks, Wilson has managed to get as close to Jackson as anyone else in the league. He is also favored more than Mahomes, which goes to show just how well Wilson has done this season. In reality, the only thing stopping Wilson from becoming MVP this season has been the superb performances of Jackson.

Patrick Mahomes

A lot of people think that the reason why Mahomes is not really in the running for MVP is that he has missed too many games this season. That is definitely a fair comment to make. However, despite the games he has missed, Mahomes has still shown his ability over the course of the season. He has pushed the Kansas City Chiefs to a Super Bowl, which could see him walk away with a ring, especially if he keeps up his form over the year. However, even with a Super Bowl ring added to his accolades, he will still be disappointed that he has not managed to become the MVP for the second year in a row. 

If as expected, Mahomes does not become the MVP this season, he will most likely use it as fuel to improve even further. He is already without a doubt the most talented young quarterback in the league. From watching him play, it is very easy to forget that he is still in his early 20s – there is a lot more to come from this young man. The MVP this year should be Lamar Jackson’s, but in future years, there is a good chance that Mahomes will have it sewn up.

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