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Who The Heck Is The Milkman? Find Out Tonight on RoughNRowdy 14! @barstoolsports @roughnrowdy @stoolpresidente

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I have seen a few Rough N Rowdy’s in the past, and I think this may be the biggest one ever. First and foremost, the main event looks stellar. My money is on Swoggle to take the one and becoming the new BMFM Champion. Swoggle can take a hit, as the dude has mixed up with some of the biggest and baddest guys in the land. Granted, it was in a scripted environment, but anybody who tells you that professional wrestling is so choreographed that you can’t get hurt is sadly mistaken. Swoggle for the win. It may not be a knockout, but he’ll stand tall at the end. See what I did there?

But after followinging the Rough N Rowdy Twitter account, I kept seeing these posts about “The MilkMan.”

Who the fuck is “The Milkman?”

Well, I guess that’s who The Milkman is. Even after some intense searching on Google, I couldn’t find much information about this guy. All I know is that he’s a brawler who loves dumping his milk on the ladies. Later tonight on Rough N Rowdy, The Milkman takes on The Moneyman. I can’t even predict who can win this fight, but oddly enough, I can’t wait to see it unfold live.

Rough N Rowdy 14 is a “must buy” PPV. Be sure to

Check out this clip of The Milkman KO’ing his opponent at RNR 3!

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