Who Takes the Fourth Place in the EPL?

Many are saying that the English Premiership is probably the most boring national competition this season. With Liverpool gliding through one of the most impressive campaigns in the history of football, all the thrill regarding the title race is gone.

The Reds have no worthy opponent in the domestic league, and Jurgen Klopp’s side is already considered to be a new champion. Nobody knows how many online bookmakers are there in the UK, yet, we are positive that not one of them believes that there is some club that might endanger the reigning European champions.

The odd on Liverpool to lift the trophy at the end of the season are at 1/100, which that tells a lot. Manchester City sits at 250/1, Leicester at 2500/1, and Chelsea at 4000/1. They are pretty much the same as the prospects for an unhappy Cristiano Ronaldo to land in, let’s say, Leeds. So, to summarize, we really have to say that the Reds are champions. 

Now, what is interesting in the EPL are the battles for the relegation and for the fourth place, the last one which leads to the Champions League.

The situation at the bottom is pretty complicated. Apart from Norwich, who is in a bad position and sits last with slim prospects of moving upwards, six more teams are involved in a close fight for their lives. Also, at least three of more might reach the danger zone if they experience some sort of a slowdown in the future.

As said, Norwich is already seen in the Championship next year, and the odds on them to go down are 1/10. Aston Villa is next on the list with 10/11, and right behind them is Bournemouth at 6/5. Even though they sacked Mauricio Pellegrini, West Ham is still struggling, and it’s no wonder why bookmakers think they too might end up in the Championship. Odds for that are 11/8, with Watford right behind at 6/4.

It will be very interesting to see which sides survive, and which ones have to play in the lower tier next season. No doubt, this fight is about to be fierce.

But what draws the most attention of all the football fans, not only in England but across the globe, is the race for the fourth place. As we said, it is the last spot that earns a ticket for the most prominent continental competition. 

At the moment, six teams are in the race. Chelsea, who is currently holding that place, having three points more than Sheffield United, and a game in hand, Tottenham with four points fewer and the same number of games, Everton, Manchester United, and Wolverhampton. 

Right now, these sides didn’t play the same number of events, but once that settles, all of them will be near one another. The names of the teams and the number of involved parties are guaranteeing a dramatic scenario, particularly because there will be a lot of head-to-head meetings. 

According to the bookmakers, Chelsea has the best prospects for keeping the fourth spot. Odds on the Blues are 1/2. The next team on the list is Tottenham 11/4, and other sides have significantly lower chances to play in the UCL. Manchester United 8/1, Wolverhampton 10/1, Sheffield United, 14/1, and Arsenal 40/1. 

Chelsea’s youth and inexperience might be a problem in the latter stages, when things become rough, which is why many believe that Lampard’s boys aren’t capable of coping with the pressure coming from behind. Meanwhile, the Spurs are struggling to provide consistent results, but they have one big advantage over all other sides – Jose Mourinho. 

Regarding, Manchester United, the Red Devils are in a very bad place, with all the injuries, Pogba’s alleged desire to leave the Old Trafford, some unreal mistakes and all the jinxes that have been following this crew this season. Wolves are an enigma. On one side, we have pundits who are firmly standing behind the claims that they might be the ultimate dark horse of this race. On the other, are those who believe that Nuno Espirito Santo’s unit is a mediocre team. 

Sheffield and Arsenal are two different stories. The Blades are the nicest surprise of the season, while on the other side, the Gunners are a total disappointment. By far, this is their worst season in the last decade, and there aren’t any indications that the situation might improve.

 In general, we are ahead of one very exciting period, which will bring a lot of spectacular matches. Therefore, you better be prepared for it.

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