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Who should be the next head coach of the Indianapolis Colts?

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The Indianapolis Colts are moving on quickly from the Josh McDaniels debacle and are commencing the search for a head coach once again.

So far since the incident, they have interviewed New Orleans Saints assistant head coach Dan Campbell, Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier, and will be interviewing Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator & former Buffalo Bills quarterback Frank Reich some time this morning.

I firmly believe out of those three choices, the Indianapolis Colts should reel in the biggest fish and a big time offensive juggernaut by hiring Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich.

In recent memory with the hirings of Sean McVay last year and Pat Shurmur Matt Nagy this year, teams with high prized quarterbacks are looking for that next bright offensive mind to help make the game seem easier and better relate to their quarterback.

Frank Reich’s part of the Philadelphia Eagles’ Super Bowl run this season was huge. He was very vital in the offensive staff helping develop Carson Wentz very fast as well as the preparation of Nick Foles to finish out the season, successfully making his way through the playoffs and ultimately winning it all.

While Andrew Luck doesn’t necessarily need to be developed, this move would offer by far the best chance for some continuity and stability for the 5th year passer out of the University of Stanford. Not to mention that this offense in general could use some as well.

He has already been through 3 offensive coordinators in his first 5 seasons. With new arrivals in the front office and the coaching staff, he’ll unfortunately have a 4th and it’d be bad to worry about having yet another anytime in the future.

Frank Reich has a rather in-depth past with the Indianapolis Colts. He was a staff intern under former head coach Jim Caldwell with the Colts in 2006 and 2007, an offensive assistant in 2008, QB coach in 2009 and 2010, and was the wide receivers coach in 2011.

He has also worked with Tony Dungy, Tom Moore and Clyde Christensen in Indianapolis.

Another key fact that makes this match even more plausible to happen is that he was a mentor for the likes of Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne. That’s some good experience. There is definitely familiarity there.

General Manager Chris Ballard showed up at his impromptu press conference yesterday afternoon that revloved around the McDaniels debacle.

After giving his feelings on the sitiation, he ended the conference stating that “The Rivalry is back on”. Those are fighting words in any part of the world.

However if you want your team to get back to form and out of the shadows of mediocrity, it definitely makes the most sense to go with a guy who was an intricate piece in the (quick) development of an MVP caliber, franchise type quarterback. Something that Andrew Luck definitely is.

Frank Reich has been in this league for over 30 years as a coach and as a player. He is definitely a guy that knows how to win and would immediately gives the Colts (especially Andrew Luck and T. Y. Hilton) new life in the NFL.

If the Eagles are willing to let him go, they better be ready to pounce on the 56-year old and embrace this new chapter of Colts football with open arms. He is more than ready and willing to be a head coach. This is clearly the best way to go for the 4-12 Colts.

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