Who Owns The Title For Best Orange in College Sports

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This idea stemmed from today’s CWS game Tennessee vs Texas. Let me start by saying it is a damn shame that these wonderful shades of orange are going to waste on these two programs over the past 20 years.

You shouldn’t be allowed to have such nice uniforms like these two and continuously under perform year after year. (@ New York Rangers).

By the way if I see anyone challenging this take with Syracuse just get out of here. I mean they are literally called the Orange but just no. Your schools most successful sport is lacrosse so we can stop right there. And your mascot stinks.

But let’s get into the meat of it, Burnt Orange vs Rocky Top.

I don’t know what it is about the checkerboard with the Tennessee orange but it just does something for me. The end zones, the trim of the jerseys, and I mean this picture just speaks for it self.

The colour just stands out more for me in a full crowd, when Neyland is packed full it is just a perfect checkerboard sea of beautiful orange and white.

But the thing that Texas does for me is the combo with the cream is just perfect.

Another cool thing is that their live mascot is literally their team colour which is a huge plus in my book. I’m not gonna go all Rovell and start comparing Pantones I’m strictly going off which looks coolest. And after long consideration I’ve decided this matchup can only be decided by one thing.


Bevo vs Smokey.

Two historic live mascots but in my eyes a very easy decision.

What number are we even on now it doesn’t matter, BEVO with a bullet. This cow is so badass, the horns, the attacking of UGA, everything just screams alpha and Texas Football.

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts.

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