Who Is Drake’s Instagram Model Gf Johanna Leia?

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It’s been rumored for months that Drake was dating Instagram model, Johanna Leia. After months of speculation, Drake seemingly confirmed the rumors on Thursday night when he rented out an empty Dodgers Stadium for a date with the model. Talk about the ultimate power move – putting guys on notice that the local Olive Garden for a first date isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Who exactly is this chick that Drake is dating?

Johanna Leia has over 296,000 Instagram followers and just like the other Instagram models…. has a partnership with Fashion Nova. Her son Amari Bailey plays on the same high school basketball team as LeBron James’ son Bronny James. Drake is mentoring Bailey on how to handle the intense pressure that comes with being a star player. It’s gotta be weird having a smokeshow of a mom dating your mentor.

Enough about the details. Check out Johanna Leia:

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