White Man Brings Police Officer Down With Him And Fights Being Arrested, Steals Taser – Kroger On East 10th Street Indianapolis, IN

Talk about one crazy video! An officer was attempting to tackle and handcuff a man in a Kroger store.

The man resisted and the cop? Was pretty easy on him. Clearly his cop was about half the size of the man. But the man constantly was fighting and attacking the officer!

Everyone stood by as they couldn’t do anything to help. The officer kept trying to use his taser on him. The man wouldn’t stop resisting, the man even took the officers taser!

The store was on East 10th Street in Indianapolis, IN

Wow! This is crazy. Props to the men who did help the cop after they realized they were able too.

The Kroger on East 10th street.

Posted by Timmy Wooden on Sunday, July 26, 2020

Did this officer do his job right? Let me know your thoughts!

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