The Curse Of Oak Island

Where Will The Curse Of Oak Island Team Dig In Season 7? Could A Ship Be Buried In The Swamp?



Fans of The Curse of Oak Island are excited for season seven as this season has the biggest hype of any of the seasons. After getting results needed at the end of season six the team can’t wait to release what they’ve found. Could it be a ship? S-H-I-P? [CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO] Possibly! 

But where should we expect the team to be digging in season 7?

The Swamp:

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Obviously if you watched the end of season 6 you’ll remember that the team got the underground testing done of what could possibly be a ship underground in The Swamp.

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This is a theory that has been passed down throughout the Oak Island Legend. 

Click here for more information on the swamp.

The H8 shaft

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The second they’ll be looking for in season 7 is the H8 shaft because in the last scan at 170-feet deep underground, they saw something that looks like a man-made chamber. If this is true they’ll be close to unearthing the original Money Pit, Chapell’s Vault.

Smith’s Cove

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Last season the team was able to dig up structures around the Smith’s Cove which included wooden structures that appeared to have been built to create a passageway to the Money Pit.

The wood was also tested… How old? The wood is from the 1700s. How would would be this deep under the ground? 

All three of these could possibly lead to the biggest breakthroughs in Oak Island history.


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