When Lebron Talks, You Listen

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As much fun of a debate Lebron > MJ could be, Lebron’s influence on the league is incredible. We can debate greatness all we want but I don’t think anyone has an effect on a sport more than Lebron and basketball.

At a drop of a hat Lebron could and has said that the league will finish in Orlando and the NBA made the arrangements to do exactly that. I’ve never been a huge Lebron fan, in fact I’ve done everything in my power to root against him. But I know for a fact that his greatness and influence is impossible to deny.

LeBron James opens I Promise School in hometown of Akron, Ohio
Lebron James opens the I Promise School

On top of all the great things he’s done on the court, his influence off the court is remarkable. It’s hard to argue against his resume and when he talks, people listen. Whether or not it is safe to go back and play the rest of the season, whether or not it is morally right to resume, it simply does not matter in this case. Not everyone will be happy and Lebron James knows this. Basketball and sports in general could provide an escape or distraction to all of this turmoil once that ball is tipped off.

Wanting to resume basketball does not take away from anything that these athletes have done to support BLM or awareness of healthy living in today’s climate. They are simply taking this opportunity to use their platform to spread awareness NOT a virus.

NBA Players will look to use their platform to bring social issues to the spotlight

In a year where everything seems doomed, Lebron James and the NBA can provide the necessary distractions to maybe put history right back on its path. We can talk goats all we want but with Lebron leading the way, the return of the NBA will all soon become a reality. Not bad from the kid from Akron.

Lebron James and Anthony Davis seek their first title together in their debut season as duos.
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