What’s next for Derek Brunson?

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Yesterday Derek Brunson pulled off an underdog victory, defeating Darren Till via third-round submission. This win brings Brunson’s win streak up to 5 and vaults him into immediate title contention in the middleweight division. So, what’s next for Derek Brunson?

Realistically, Brunson’s next steps really rely on Israel Adesanya, and I see two options here.

Option A: Israel wants to fight soon

If this is the case, the next title shot at 185lbs should go to Jared Cannonier. It just should. With all due respect to Brunson, a Cannonier/Izzy fight is just way more intriguing. We’ve already seen Izzy dominate Derek, so let’s see him to it to Cannonier. If this is the case, I say Derek just sits tight and waits for his shot at the Izzy rematch

Option B: Israel doesn’t want to/ can’t fight soon

If this is the case, Derek’s gonna have to get back in there before he gets a title shot. And if this is the case, I see no other option but a title eliminator against Cannonier. Brunson has certainly fought his way out of the gatekeeper role, so he should only be fighting guys that are actually gonna put him closer towards the title. So, if I’m Derek Brunson and the UFC tries to get me to fight a guy like Sean Strickland, I’m telling them to shove it up their ass.

But honestly, the real winner in this whole situation is Israel Adesanya. I’m pretty sure Derek Brunson was created in a lab just to get his ass beat by Izzy. What’s the line gonna be in that fight. Adesanya -700? I mean, good for Derek for rattling this win streak off, but let’s not talk ourselves into thinking he has any sort of shot at taking the belt.

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