What’s Next for Antony Smith?

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Anthony Smith put on the performance of a lifetime this Saturday, dominating Ryan Spann with a first-round submission, and I’m thrilled for what’s in store for him. The light heavyweight division has been devoid of depth for what seems like years now, so whenever it looks like there could be someone to legitimately challenge for the 205lb title, it’s cause for celebration. I don’t exactly think Smith is next in line for the title, but there are some intriguing matchups for him out there.

There’s potential for some wild rematches with Jiri and Thiago Santos, but there’s no fight I wanna see more for Anthony Smith than Dominick Reyes. First off, how have they not fought already? I feel like I’ve heard UFC in Vegas: Smith vs Reyes about a million times, but I guess that’s just the Mandela effect. I know it’s not exactly an easy matchup for Smith who’s coming off 3 straight losses (albeit one of them a pretty bullshit one against Jon Jones), but when we’re talking about one of the UFC’s thinner divisions, you’ve just gotta match up top tier talent against each other.

Plus, imagine the fireworks when you match up a Dom Reyes with his anus against the wall against an Anthony Smith who’s been fighting like a god damn lunatic lately? That fight would be complete bloodsport in the best way possible. And honestly, I really wouldn’t be surprised at any outcome in that fight. If you told me that Dom took Anthony down 25 times and grinded out a 5 round decision I wouldn’t be shocked, and if you told me Anthony dropped his balls in Reyes’ mouth the same way he did to Spann I also wouldn’t be surprised. It’s the match to make for me.

PS: I’ve always thought Anthony Smith looked like he should be a pornstar. He’s got the look for it, and one can only assume he’s working with a giant Nebraska hog as well, so if he doesn’t want to deal with Dom Reyes I’ve got an alternative idea for him. I could totally see the guy helping his stepsister unstick herself from the dryer, or giving top-notch pool boy service to a mature woman who’s husband is out of town if that’s what he’s into. So maybe that’s what’s next for him.

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