What’s Up With NBA Players On Social Media

What is going on with NBA players on social media? Do they feel that it is their only escape? Do they feel like they have power there? It’s hard to tell what’s going on in the player’s heads when they get on social media.

Yes, NBA players do have power when it comes to social media. People look up to them and look to them to help with social issues. Some players like LeBron James, use the platform to talk about world issues and try to help any way they can. With the smart ways, NBA players can also use social media in a lot of really dumb ways.

Subtweets are the source of all problems for NBA players on social media. A subtweet is something someone posts that is indirectly saying something about someone or  something without making it known it’s about that.

The most recent example of this is an Instagram post by LeBron James.

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LeBron James posted this picture on Instagram after the Boston Celtics took down the Atlanta Hawks 110-107 on November 6th. This famous meme is used for when someone is mad about something. The clenched fist shows the frustration that is in the post. Celtics’ Point Guard and former teammate of LeBron, Kyrie Irving, went off against Atlanta scoring 35 points.

Why is this a big deal you ask? Well… LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers lost to Atlanta 117-115 a day before on November 5th.

“I like Arthur.” LeBron said in an interview with ESPN after his game against the Milwaukee Bucks. “That’s OK, right?”

This was just a subtweet on Instagram so no one knows the real reason behind it. Just bad timing for Lebron to post about him “Liking Arthur.”

This is not the only thing that turned out to be disastrous because of a subtweet.

The Phoenix Suns traded Eric Bledsoe because of a subtweet.

Eric Bledsoe subtweeted about his unhappiness of a current situation. The weird thing is no one even knows what that situation was. Phoenix took it to heart thinking he was talking about them… and they traded him to Milwaukee. Bledsoe then reported that he was in a Hair Salon during that tweet.

Hopefully, he likes the Hair Salon in Milwaukee.

Players subtweeting about players is not the only thing going on with the NBA and the Social Media.

After the Sacramento Kings traded Demarcus Cousins to the New Orleans Pelicans in June of 2015, Cousins subtweeted Kings’ coach George Karl. The Tweet shows that Cousins is calling him a snake for trading him. Cousins wasn’t the first one to subtweet about Karl. NBA players such as Carmelo Anthony, and JR Smith were the first to do this back in 2011.

Yes, Subtweets are the core of the problems between NBA players and social media, but some players just like to call people out.

Philadelphia 76ers’ star Center Joel Embiid is the king of calling out people on twitter. It just seems like he does not care how other players view him. Here are some examples of the savagery put out by Embiid.

Embiid posted this tweet to teammate Ben Simmons after Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball was drafted.

Twitter seems to Embiid’s favorite pastime.

Even though all these examples of players on social media are both dumb and savage, nothing beats Kevin Durant’s use of a fake account to defend himself on Twitter.

I do not understand what was going through the mind of Kevin Durant. Did he think that this would be a good idea? I do not get why he had to try and defend himself on Twitter with a fake account. Couldn’t he just use his real account? I honestly don’t know, but it brought out a great story.

The mix of NBA players and Social Media is probably one of the most cringe-worthy, but probably the most entertaining things to see.

Hopefully the players can use their time more wisely, maybe go practice or something.


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1 Comment

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