What’s my opinion on Barstool Sports? Well mainly El Pres and what happened with Tex on my podcast.

Dave Portnoy a.k.a El Pres., you might know him as the guy who invented the internet, or recognize him from his famous Pizza Reviews. But either way he is the founder of the famous Barstool Sports.

Let’s be honest if you’re a “stoolie* you know Dave comes off as a dick and if you’re not and you know anything about Barstool you probably think Dave’s a dick.

But in reality it’s what get’s page views and makes “Barstool, Barstool”

Even though I’ve yet to meet Dave in person, I’ve been a fan of his work with Barstool since he had his show on BlogTalkRadio EIGHT years ago! *I was only 12 years old.*

Tbh, he “inspired” me to create this website… Way back in 2012. Don’t know if it was inspired or if this was really what I was just meant to do.

A couple years later Barstool ended up joining the YardBarker Network which us(ProSportsExtra) also partnered up with.

Even though I wasn’t purchasing news papers from Dave on the street in Boston (*he would have hired me if I would have*)as soon as I came across Barstool on BlogTalkRadio I started reading his blogs from way up in the frigid, Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

But enough with that let’s fast forward to now. Barstool being the empire it is… And well mainly to the time former Barstool employee Tex (Dylan Stone) joined my podcast.

I reached out to Tex via Instagram which he replied almost right away and agreed to come on my podcast as a guest.

Which you know, being a “stoolie” this seemed pretty dope.

I mean I’ve had over 100 pro athletes on my podcasts but no one from Barstool.

Well we did the podcast LIVE on BlogTalkRadio which Tex called into and we bullshitted about the hottest chicks in wheelchairs, his role at Barstool, and Rough N Rowdy (RNR).

All-in-all was an awesome podcast and did well.

About a month later, I asked him about joining it again he told me to email him so he can forward it to Dave for approval. *which seemed weird, he didn’t ask me the first time.*


After I sent this email Tex sent me over a text and told me to send him over a different email but not mention the first podcast because Dave didn’t know anything about it. *Which in reality why should he care if we are but promoting Barstool?*

So I sent him over this email, which he forwarded over to Dave for approval. It was Sunday. Dave checks his emails on Sundays.

Well then comes the text from Tex. Asking me to take down one of my most popular podcasts. *Because Dave said he shouldn’t be doing content.* , or was he scared that Tex would come out and talk about his mental stability? And give him a platform to actually speak?

Either way I did end up deleting the podcast. Out of respected. *I wish I wouldn’t have now.*

I didn’t want Dave to be pissed at him. I get it though, Tex seems like an easy guy to get pissed about.

You can check out a short (very short) portion of the podcast right here:

After about a month later Tex decided to leave Barstool after Pres got mad about him doing a Podcast with Smitty. And I haven’t really heard from Tex since after RNR.

The last texts we exchanged when he quit. We had a couple discussions about Dave.

Now this blog wasn’t really meant to trash Pres. Hell I’d consider me a member of Team Portnoy even though he doesn’t know it. And well I doubt he will read this it’s worth a shot.

Care to jump on a podcast sometime and discuss this? Call in on BlogTalkRadio. Just DM me and we can set up a time.

And honestly.. Barstool is my go-to for well… just about everything… Big Ev (Double Vodka Don) joined my podcast a few weeks back that was fucking fire, hopefully Dave doesn’t get mad because Big Ev is one bad ass dude, go give it a listen.

So the question, is Dave Portnoy a dick? Well he comes off as one. But I think a lot of it’s tough love.

Hopefully Tex is killing it back in Bandera, Texas.

And well one more thing good ol’ Smitty, he seems to be slandered a lot, dude seems to be doing big things. Keep it up! He follows me on Twitter, and you should also.

Cheers. Happy Friday.

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