What’s Going on With Power 5 College Basketball?

With the Big East dropping the first month of their conference schedule today, my college hoops juices are flowing. But like, we’re still playing right?

We’re currently 29 days out from the start of the season, and only one of the five power five conferences has dropped their schedule (BIG 12). And the most part, its been largely radio silence from all of these conferences, with the exception of them reportedly not being interested in an Orlando Bubble.

Personally, I’m fine with their being no bubble, as I’m going through a real bubble fatigue at the moment. The NBA bubble was cool, the MLB bubble was OK, but I wanna see Duke play at Cameron Indoor and Kansas play at Allen Fieldhouse, not ten feet to the left of It’s a small world.

So, yeah, we’re on the clock here when it comes to college ball, and these conferences need to shove their schedules down my throat FAST. I’m yearning for the days of watching 5 white guys play the ~fundamentalist~ of basketball for Wisconsin, the days of praying that Pepperdine can stay within the 24.5 against a surging Gonzaga, the days of selling myself on whatever Mountain-West conference team gets hot.

Not to me dramatic, but if I don’t get those things, I honestly might die. And with each day that these conferences aren’t putting out their schedules, I march closer and closer to my doom, so c’mon fellas, let’s cut the shit and schedule some ball already.

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