What Would You Inject Into Your Body For $200 Million Dollars?

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We all know the Kyrie Irving situation, he doesn’t want to get vaccinated so in return the Brooklyn Nets will not allow him to play. Simple right? Now there is a new turn in the story it is being reported that the Nets have retracted their contract extension offer to Irving which would be a SuperMax deal of $200M so because he won’t get the vaccine he stands to lose out on major money.

Now while its his right to not want to get vaccinated this man is acting like he is Martin Luther King Jr and trying to unite the unvaccinated and the vaccinated my man has CTE

he is nuts.

Now the question becomes what would you inject into your body for $200M tax free? I think I would do heroin to be honest, like there is nothing I wouldn’t inject into my body for that kind of money other than like AIDS. So Kyrie trying to prove this point that it is his ‘right’ to not get vaccinated which he is hundred percent right on just seems stupid if he is going to lose out on that kind of money to me.

But I am an idiot so what do I know. I just know that is crazy money that you can grow and build generational wealth. But again I am an idiot.

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