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What To Do In Vegas During Coronavirus? Fremont Street In Vegas Still Bringing In Thousands Of People A Day and Partying Harder Than Ever

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Fremont St. in Las Vegas is one of the most popular destinations throughout the city! With the Coronavirus going around you’d think that less people would be going to the famous street.

That’s false.

Although there is over 20 confirmed cases around the Vegas area that isn’t stopping locals and tourists to partying at the best place in Vegas, Fremont Street!

Fremont is seeing thousands of visitors a day, more than anywhere else in Vegas. So… if you’re wondering if there is anything to do tonight in Las Vegas, yes.

Here is a picture captured last night of the crowd, as well as the image at the top. Both from last night.

As places shut down throughout Vegas…. the City isn’t planning on shutting down Fremont… yet, anyway.

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