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What The Fuck Is Gunna Wearing? Some Rappers Just Cannot Dress

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Man cmon bro, why the fuck are you dressing like this? I get it the outfit is probably worth more than my car and that’s cool for him but he looks fucking ridiculous. Like bro there are so many things wrong with the outfit that it’s hurting my fucking eyes, I like gunna as an artist but holy shit he’s a fucking idiot outside of rap music. I mean the guy does whippets like it’s cool and dresses like a little kid trying to dress themselves.

I don’t care how much it’s all worth I dress better than that. First of all he has some like Rick Owen boots on with some fucking dickie fit ass shorts like cmon bro, there’s 2 inches of skin between his shorts and boots. That’s a fucking crime lock his ass up. Then bro has on a fucking lingerie ass turtle neck long sleeve with a fucking leather vest over it, the only acceptable shit is all the chains but the rest of that shit looks so stupid. I could make a better outfit using 100$ than he can with his own fucking money bro. I’m sick at the waste of money he does. So many people are gonna say I’m stupid or hating but no suck my dick, that’s not fashion that’s stupid ass shit. If he wasn’t famous and rich he would get hate so I don’t wanna hear that shit. He’s a revolting 5 year old that doesn’t want to wear what his mom wants him to wear.

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