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What Mac Miller Wrote in the haunted empty pool in the basement of The Rave/Eagles Club in Milwaukee, Wisconsin will give you the chills! – @therave

Mac Miller sold out three shows at The Rave in Milwaukee, Wisconsin before he sadly passed away at the age of 26.

The basement of The Rave in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is haunted and isn’t open to the public. If you go through the dressing room you’ll end up at an old haunted pool. This pool has been talked about being haunted for years.

Here are multiple videos from Mac’s sold out shows at The Rave:

Artists who check out the haunted pool have the opportunity to sign the outside wall, normally not inside the pool. That was different for Mac Miller after his third sold out show.

What he wrote might give you chills.

“I am Mac Miller. I once lived now I am dead, my sole remains here. Enjoy… Ps… I sold this place out 3 times.”

Wow! Imagine how the room feels now?

I’ve been to The Rave once, and the atmosphere is wild. Hopefully someday, I’ll have the opportunity to check out where Mac signed. What a quote.


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