What Kevin Love Did Last Night Is Inexcusable

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I mean what the hell is this? Kevin Love is supposed to be the leader of this team, and this is what he is doing? I have defended Love for a long time but this you can’t defend. 33 seconds left in the third, the Cavs were down six after giving up a bucket. Then Love pulls this, Raptors hit a three and boom it’s a nine point game. After that, the Raptors scored again, extending the lead to 11. Just like that the Cavs found themselves from down six to down 11 heading into the fourth. Absolutely no excuses for any play like this from anyone, especially from someone who’s supposed to be the leader and is getting paid $31 million per year.

Love apologized to the team after the game and the Cavs are keeping this in the locker room. Look, I understand why Love is frustrated. Being part of a rebuild after making four straight finals would be frustrating no doubt about it. But Love signed up for this, he signed the extension after Lebron left. He knew what was coming. Love is also a guy who hasn’t been able to stay healthy, missing 96 games over the last three seasons. Hell, Love has only played in 18 games this year. Not only is this a bad look for Love, it’s a bad look for everyone else involved. Love is supposed to be a role model for these young players, if he doesn’t care then why should they?

Love still has two years worth $60 million on his deal so either fix this crap or leave. This isn’t his first outburst on the court.

Either back up the talk about being a leader or ask to leave. It’s that simple. Love will always be a Cavs legend but this is no way to be a leader.

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