What Is Happening? Mario Judah Is Taking Over The Rap Game.

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Tiktok is a wild platform it is fast tracking peoples career and turning them into millionaires and stars overnight. That story isn’t different when it comes Mario Judah. If that name is familiar it should be he had a song called “Die Very Rough” and it has catapulted his career thus far.

I don’t know much about other than he seems very odd and I thought when I first heard this song maybe he was a parody artist. Apparently he is a very serious artist is his following is growing literally by the day.

I guess Mario and Playboi Carti were suppose to have a song drop tonight and Carti never dropped it so he dropped his part of the verse instead and people on Twitter are going crazy. According to people on Twitter Mario has stolen Carti’s flow and he is ‘becoming’ him furthering his popularity among everyone at least on Twitter it seems.

I guess I am going to have to give Mario a listen and see what he is all about. Maybe I am missing something but the clips and videos I have seen of his are just bizarre and it is not for me but who knows I am going to give him an honest listen and form my opinion for there. All I know is people are going crazy on Twitter saying he is taking over the rap game, I will have to be the judge of that.

He seems like a totally weird individual and I feel I have to give my live over to satan if I give his music a listen. I hope I will be safe after listening to his music and do not change as a person maybe I am being a little dramatic but who knows we will have to see.

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