What if John Beilein Does Step Down During the All-Star Break?

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As we all have heard, the Cleveland Cavaliers and head coach John Beilein have discussed the possibility of him stepping down. If you have been living under a sports free rock, and haven’t heard this news, here are the tweets from ESPN’s senior NBA insider, Adrian Wojnarowski:

Now I cannot 100% confirm this, but from rumors that are swirling around, this is Beilein’s decision.

This is somewhat understandable with the lack of professional coaching experience and the transition from coaching college basketball to the NBA can be hard.

What I don’t understand is why he isn’t giving it more time. He has a massive contract for the next five years. He has three rookies on his team that haven’t played a full season under his coaching system yet.

With that being said, none of his team has played a full season in his system. I feel like he could give it till the end of the season before he decides to call it quits.

But what if Beilein does decide to hang it up on his NBA coaching career before the end of the All-Star break? Who would be next up for the Cavaliers at head coach?

Typically, if the head coach resigns or is fired before the end of the season, one of the assistant coaches is promoted up to the head coaching position. In this case, the Cavs new head coach could be the first female head coach in NBA history.

One of their assistant coaches is Lindsay Gottlieb, who is a former head coach of the Cal Golden Bears women’s basketball team. She lead them to a 17-1 record which made them the Pac-12 conference co-champions. This also made them the second seed in the NCAA tournament.

Now this is all one big “What if?” situation, but it would be a really interesting one to see. The Cavs do have a few assistant coaches, and obviously they are going to pick who they feel is the most qualified candidate.

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