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What Happens When You Talk Shit to an Athlete’s Face Rather Than From Behind a Keyboard

Freedom of speech is a great thing and like many people online, I enjoy talking about what I like and dislike in things ranging from wrestling to sports to politics. However, unlike some people, I tend to keep the personal attacks to a minimum. I’ll admit I’ve crossed the line on occasion and I’ve made a concerted effort to stop doing so. However, the recent rash of online attacks against wrestlers has me thinking back to that time Jim Rome called NFL quarterback Jim Everett “Chris” Everett (alluding that Jim was like female tennis player Chris Evert) on his ESPN2 show Talk2Talk. Rome has called Jim Everett “Chris” many times on television, but let’s see what happened when Jimbo did so face to face:

I won’t bother mentioning the names of people who have made some rude comments about wrestlers, making personal attacks rather than criticizing their work. I’m not going to waste my time telling people to stop because there’s always going to be someone who likes taking the low road and frankly, there are enough people who enjoy listening to it. However, remember that sometimes there are consequences for your stupidity.

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