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What Exactly is the Plan Here?

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I’m having a hard time understanding what the thought process is down at 1 Patriot Place. Are we trying to win or not? Are we just trying to be competitive this year to get the young guys ready for a real push next year? Are we tanking for Trevor? What the hell is the plan guys?

The past three weeks I’ve found myself saying far too many times “they’re not even trying out there”. Chase Winovich can’t sniff the field and he’s you’re best pass rusher. Maybe he’s not the best on run defense, but he sure won’t get better on the bench wiping Steve Belichick’s mullet out of his mouth every time the wind blows. Our two rookie tight ends literally can’t even get their pads on on Sunday’s. The defense is good but not as great as we thought. And Cam, well Cam looks like a QB past his prime coming off injuries.

So what exactly are we doing here? Are we trying to win or not? This team is a few plays away from being 5-2. You’re a couple yards from beating Seattle. You were right there against Denver despite sleeping through 3 1/2 quarters of that game, one which you should have run away from. If Cam holds on to the ball today you at least go to overtime and maybe punch one in before time expires in the 4th.

The problem I have the past three weeks is the readiness of the team and the play calling. If I see one more 3rd and 12 draw play from Josh McDaniels I’m going to take a long walk off a short bridge. I wanted to vomit in my mouth for 3 hours straight against San Francisco when 90% of their talent was on the IR. I can’t even get into the Denver game without turning blue in the face.

I just can’t wrap my head around the goals of this team. I’d bet my life on us waking up Wednesday morning and seeing the most relevant news regarding the Patriots is Bob Kraft in a MAGA hat and not Cam Newton’s new weapon acquired at the trade deadline. We stink but we’re not tanking. We’re on the cusp of being good but we’re not going to add pieces. If anyone can figure out what the hell the plan is please let me know.

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