What Does DFS Mean In Sports?

For anyone who’s ever felt left out of traditional sports, Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) offers a great alternative. 

Even if you’ve never rolled up your sleeves and gave some back-breaking-nerve-racing hardcore Rugby or American Football a go, you can still join in on the fun. With DFS, every sport is on the table as long as you’re willing. 

The main idea of DFS is that you pick a pool of real players, called DFS picks. Depending on how well your DFS picks perform in a regular sports game, your DFS lineup gets points. To further simplify, if players on your DFS team perform extremely well in real life, their DFS counterparts benefit from their performances and get raving ratings. 

If you can learn how to pick a winning DFS team, you can potentially earn millions playing DFS. Moreover, regular fantasy sports last an entire season, whereas DFS is done and dusted within a day, which means you can make some good money really quick. 

To learn more about how DFS works in sports, below is a comprehensive guide to help you out:

  1. Many DFS Sports Are Available on DFS Platforms

DFS sports are played at online platforms and constitute a single round of games. Anyone can join these DFS platforms. To enter a variety of contests, simply subscribe. Any entry fee you pay goes into a prize pool, which winners will get after each contest’s end. 

Some widely popular DFS sports include:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Hockey

Most daily fantasy platforms endorse these major sports. However, you also have other options. Although rare, you can find websites where you can play DFS golf, NASCAR, and even mixed martial arts (MMA). 

  1. Just Like Traditional Sports, DFS Have A Variety of Contests

Once you’ve chosen your preferred platform and DFS sport, you can try your luck in different contests. As an amateur player, you should start with free contests or ones that aren’t at least high stakes. This way, you can gauge the gambling world of DFS before engaging in some real action. 

Some common DFS contests include:

  • Large Tournaments
  • Double Up Games
  • Triple / Quadruple / Quintuple Up’s
  • Sit-N-Go’s
  • Head 2 Head’s
  • Beginners Only

Advanced players with formidable DFS teams can play head two head matches if they want fast results. These games are a hit or win, but advanced players have a better chance of emerging triumphant because of their good lineups and longstanding experience. 

  1. You Have To Pick Players in DFS Games

After choosing your contest, you can draft your team. 

DFS players have prices that are based on their value in traditional sports. You can only select a team that doesn’t exceed your salary cap. Suppose you have a salary cap of USD$2million. In that case, you can only choose a roster that doesn’t exceed this USD$2million value. 

After making your DFS picks, your job’s done. The rest depends on the performance of the actual players. The better your players perform in real life, the better ratings your DFS picks get. DFS games also have identical rules as traditional sports

Here are some tips to build a solid DFS team:

  • Before making your picks, research players. Dig into their real-world statistics. For example, if you’re playing DFS NFL, check everything–from the number of tackles made to touchdowns scored. Google is your friend in this regard. 
  • Always check the price tags of players. 
  • To know more about their specifications, click on the player’s names. 
  • Make sure you don’t choose an expensive player that compromises your team’s overall balance and quality. Try to work within your salary cap. 
  • Take your time to think and revise your team until you’re happy with your lineup. 
  1. DFS Don’t Require An Extended Time Commitment

Fantasy sports that run for the duration of an entire season are a time-consuming commitment. Especially for sports like soccer, you have to select fantasy players every other weekend-sometimes even on weekdays. Moreover, you have to deal with transfer rumors, teammagement, injuries, among many other things. This forces many players to fall out of fantasy leagues.

With DFS, you only need to draft a team, and later access your DFS platform to see your player’s ratings. If you have other commitments throughout a particular week, you can still take out an hour to roll the dice on a game or two. Even if you’re swamped and can’t arrive at the party at all, you can skip DFS games for extended periods without any strings attached. Doing so won’t affect your long-term DFS prospects whatsoever. 

Final Thoughts 

The most important rule of DFS games is to have fun. If you’re constantly frustrated with your DFS team selection, you need to take a timeout and reorganize your thoughts. 

Moreover, you don’t want to make the mistake of dwelling on your failures. After all, DFS games have a fair bit of luck involved, and even if you have a winning streak, failure can come knocking on your door out of nowhere. A little setback shouldn’t cause you to lose your brains and ruin your long-term chances of winning big.

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