What Are Your Worst Sports Moments of the Decade?

This is a fun little trend that has been going around the internet. *Insert event here* of the decade as we head into 2020. This one is the best I’ve seen yet. Your personal WORST sports moments of a decade. No need to celebrate our favorite athlete’s accomplishments, lets relive when they ripped our hearts out.

As a Boston sports fan, I’ve suffered far more than the average sports fan. We’ve played in so many huge games and had plenty of teams fall short. It’s honestly hard to narrow down all the tough times the 617 area has endured this decade. Here are my 4 moments, from bad to crippling pain;

2011. Fresh off the heels of an epic September collapse, the Red Sox cleaned house and fired General Manager Theo Epstein as well as beloved manager Terry Francona. And so, the Bobby Valentine era began. In 2012 the Red Sox celebrated their 100th season by going 69-93 (no, not nice) and honestly, I think they were one of the most unwatchable teams in sports that season. Just an absolute mess of assholes who hated the city and the city hated them back.

The Sox lead the Tampa Bay Rays by nine games in the Wild Card race on September 3, 2011. Their odds of reaching the playoffs was fucking 99.6%. NINETY NINE POINT SIX PERCENT. So what did those assholes do? They lost 18 of their final 24 games. The following season they brought in Bobby Valentine, who claims he invented the god damn wrap, and they won 69 (again, not nice) games. What a beautiful time in Red Sox history.

2010. The Boston Celtics were back in the Finals facing off against the Lakers yet again. In game 6, Perk tore his PCL and MCL in his right knee. An excruciating blow for the Celtics, who already had their hands full containing the Lakers three 7-footers Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum, and Lamar Odom (actually 6ft10in. What’s the difference). The Celtics lost game 6 and in game 7 lost by 4 points. It was evident the loss of Big Perk was the difference and likely stole a ring right out from under them.

This fucking game. The God damn New York Football Giants. Eli Manning picked one hell of a time to get hot for another 3 months. (Seriously, it’s really annoying that dope had like 8 great months of football in him and they happened to stand in Tom Brady’s way). This one hurt a lot. This was the Patriots year. They had a stellar year out of Rob Gronkowski only for Bernard Pollard, Patriot killer, to destroy Gronk’s ankle and limit him to play decoy in the super bowl.

This was supposed to be the year we avenged the not-so-perfect season that shall not be named. Bob Kraft lost his lovely wife Myra that year and players sported an “MHK” patch above their hearts on their jerseys. The team dedicated every game that season to her memory. It was headed towards a fairytale ending. But nope. Eli Manning and Mario Manningham decided to put together the best throw and catch of their careers. The Patriots defense decided they had no interest in buckling down and making a stop for their offense that carried them all year. Tom Brady’s Hail Mary attempt could’ve hung up in the air an extra half a second for Gronk to scoop it in the dying seconds, but it didn’t. What a cruel, cruel way to end a season.

2010. I know the Bruins just suffered a crushing game 7 defeat in the Stanley Cup Final, but this one hurt more. The Bruins were up 3 games to none against the Philadelphia Flyers. They seemed to be well on their way to their first eastern conference final in twenty years. Then this happened.

David Krejci breaks his wrist in game 4 and that’s all she wrote. The Flyers would go on to win the next 4 games and eventually head to the Stanley Cup Final. Not only did the Bruins blow a 3-0 series lead, they lead game 7 by a score of 3-0 too. Some beautiful symbolism or whatever to rub in your wound, Bruins fans.

Now, you have to remember this was before the Bruins won the Stanley Cup in 2011. I know the most recent loss to the Blues hurt. My soul is still standing inside BSG on Canal St. with a warm bud light in my hand and my friends screaming nonsense at me like “let’s go” and “why are we watching this” and “I have to be at work in 6 hours”. Ridiculous. As much as that still stings, 16 year old Tim hadn’t seen a hockey championship yet. My favorite team couldn’t even get out of the second round of the playoffs. I remember walking home from my friends house that fateful night in 2010 and seeing a shooting star. I can’t remember if I wished that game didn’t happen or for a truck to come take me out of my misery. Neither came true.

So there you have it. My most painful sports moments of the decade. It hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows here in Boston. I feel like I’ve aged twice as fast as the average sports fan from Buffalo or Detroit who haven’t had to endure the stresses of a championship run year after year, season after season. It’s a hard knock life.

Honorable mentions:

2011 Red Sox collapse

2012 Patriots loss to the Ravens, Celtics Big 3 comes to an end, Doc Rivers leaves for LA

2013 Bruins game 6 SCF, Patriots AFCCG

2014 Bruins Presidents Cup winners, second round exit.

2015 Patriots loss to Broncos in the AFCCG because Stephen Gostowski couldn’t kick an extra point

2017 Patriots loss to Eagles in the Super Bowl

2019 Bruins lose in game 7 of the SCF

PS: Wtf Brody? The Yankees, Colts, Pacers, and Capitals? Did you just play bingo with “what sports teams should I root for”? Mother of God pal get a grip.

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