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What a Surprise! Lions Gets Screwed Twice by the Refs in a Meaningless Game

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Even when more things change, some still stay the same, and the Detroit Lions getting controversial or bullish calls are no different.

Even in games that have no meaning to them whatsoever.

On fourth down and goal in the fourth quarter of a meaningless game against the Minnesota Vikings, Detroit Lions safety Tracy Walker had registered a sack against Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins.

But there’s one problem: he got flagged for ‘roughing the passer,’ resulting in an eventual touchdown by Cousins.

As you can see in the videos, Walker literally gives him a good tackle which would give the Lions the ball back.

Oh, and to add insult to injury, the Lions also got screwed again by an overturned touchdown call to wide receiver Marvin Jones.

It’s not just horribly bad that the NFL continues to screw the Lions, it’s more that they have not learned from their controversial calls in the playoffs against Dallas, Monday Night Football in Green Bay, and now this.

It’s just outright comical, pathetic and unsurprising at this point.

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