I went to see Lil Yatchy, he never showed up | UPDATE ON REFUNDS

Friday afternoon I was hanging out with a couple of buddies, and during the conversations we brought up the Lil Yatch concert at Northern Michigan University.

After putting some thought to it, we decided to get a hotel room and go to the concert.

I checked Twitter and noticed that two hours before the concert was starting he posted from Avondale, GA.

At this point I had doubt that he was going to show. But anyone can say they are anywhere when they post.

So, as the concert was going to start we headed to the Berry Event Center. As the taxi arrived we arrived and ended up only having to pay for one of the four tickets, right away we got down to the floor.

And before Lil Yatchy was suppose to preform we jammed to IshDARR:

As we were jamming out, still no sign of Lil Yatchy. About 15 minutes after IshDARR stopped performing they announced that he has yet to arrive. But he is on his way here.

About twenty minutes after he Tweeted that he was on his way! [HE DELETED POST]

The concert was set to send at 11, and their was no sign of Yatchy they decided to call it off.

As they did fans left angry and wanting refunds, posts started showing up all around social media. People speculated that this was a “set-up” that Yatchy was never going to show. But at this point no idea regarding ticket refunds.

Even local members of the media posted about it.

Here is one from Sam Ali:

Then after that he might have been playing Call Of Duty.

After all this there was still no sign of him coming, their were plenty of rumors but no sign.


Tagging he was in Marquette, Mi but no sign of him? Yeah it was 2:30 AM, but was he really   in Marquette at all?

Today I messaged the Northern Arts & Entertainment Page:

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