Weekend Warrior War Song: A Song To Kick-Start Your Weekend

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The weekend is finally upon us! Congratulations to everyone that made it through, I sure know it was rough but hey it’s Saturday now! I had about four different assignments/papers due Thursday so you better believe I’m enjoying this brief respite before finals week haha. This is a the start of a new series I plan on doing where at the start of each weekend I give y’all one song, that’s right one song, to kick-start y’alls weekend. Of course there’s no guarantee that you’ll like the song or if it will even kick-start your weekend so I’ll slap the disclaimer “results may vary” on there. In any case feel free to give me your recommendations and picks to be possibly featured @NikolsonJacob on Twitter! So without further ado, allow me to introduce the first ever Weekend Warrior War Song!

The first ever Weekend Warrior War Song is “Everywhere I Go” by Hollywood Undead, from their debut album Swan Songs!

For those that might not know, Hollywood Undead is an LA-based rap band. I actually got introduced to their music earlier this week so hopefully I do the same to you! As you can tell by the advisory sticker, they do have some explicit songs however they do have some clean ones.  My hope is that this song kick starts your weekend enjoyment! Did you like the debut pick? Hate it? Know something similar that people might enjoy? Let me know @NikolsonJacob on Twitter! Until next Saturday my boys, WWWS is kicking off!

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