Week Of Optimism Crashes Down For Lions Against Colts

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The Lions entered Sunday with plenty of optimism. Two wins in a row, a team that just traded for Everson Griffen, and with winnable games ahead it looked like the Lions could be setting themselves up for a nice run. All that positivity came crashing down faster than it was built up in the last week.

Yep just like that the Lions come back down to reality. The Lions got trounced 41-21 by the Colts and are now 0-3 at home. The seventh straight home loss, dating back to week 8 of 2019. As normal, the Lions started hot. Thanks to the team’s first blocked punt since 2007, the offense struck first. The only team to score first in every game. If only the game was five minutes long.

That was about all the Lions did offensively in the first half. The Colt’s top-ranked defense was all over Matthew Stafford and the Lions offense. Hell, it wasn’t just the first half the Lions couldn’t move the ball, it was the whole game. This team couldn’t find an offensive rhythm to save their life. The Lions rushed for just 29 yards, lowest since week 11, 2016. The offensive line couldn’t block anyone on Twitter by today’s play, letting up five sacks. Look I know the Colts have an awesome defense but damn this performance was just pathetic.

Despite throwing for 336 yards and three touchdowns, Matthew Stafford deserves blame for the offensive struggles. Stafford missed multiple wide-open receivers, that resulted in three and outs, especially in the first half. He hung on to the ball too long at some points. One coming at a crucial time in the second half. The Lions were driving down six, in field goal range, and then yep classic Lions, a strip fumble.

The Colts would score on the next drive and the game wasn’t close after that. The mistakes didn’t end for Stafford, throwing one of the most questionable passes I’ve seen from him.

Nothing seemed like it went right for the Lons today. After only allowing 66 rush yards versus Atlanta, the Lions gave up 119 yards on the ground today. The defense had Phillip Rivers looking like his old self. Rivers had 262 yards with three touchdowns. Nyheim Hines was dancing and flipping all over this defense today.

I can’t blame the defense too much. Thanks to the offense’s lack of ability to move the ball, the defense was out on the field way too much, especially in the first half. The Colts dominated time of possession, 22:06 to 7:54, in the first half. Yeah, can’t blame the defense for being tired.

This game was a prove-it game for the Lions. The team had a chance to go 4-3 with two winnable games up next. Instead, the Lions did what they always do, disappoint. Now the Lions set their sites on a 2-5 Vikings team who somehow beat the Packers today. It’s hard to see the Lions going anywhere even with this favorable stretch coming up. In December the Lions have to face Buccaneers, Packers, and Titans. Can’t see the Lions having a shot in those games, let alone win. The Lions better get their shit together soon or it’s another failed season.

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