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Another edition of the Wednesday Night War between AEW & NXT is in the books. NXT had a several great matches that showcased pure Wrestling ability while AEW had terrific story-telling throughout as they now head into their Revolution PPV, Saturday night.

Let’s get into the action…

AEW Review

Segment 1 – 30-minute Iron-man match – Kenny Omega vs PAC. The match starts off with a test-of-strength which Omega gets the better of as PAC hits a nice back-flip to get out of the hold as the pair comes face-to-face & exchange elbows & slaps. PAC goes immediately for the “Brutalizer” submission hold & Omega runs backwards toward the corner to break the hold. PAC slides out of the ring & Omega hits him with a tope-suicida outside of the ring. Omega forces PAC back in the ring, goes for a pin but PAC kicks out at 2. Omega hits PAC with a couple of chops against the ropes then hits PAC with a rolling fireman’s carry then misses a top rope dive as PAC rolls out of the way. Omega then makes a counter himself as he plants PAC with a dragon suplex but again, PAC rolls out of the ring to collect himself. Omega runs right outside of the ring but PAC hits him with a back elbow & then a tornado-DDT onto the concrete floor. The competitors are back in the ring & both are on the top turnbuckle as Omega throws PAC to the mat but PAC flies back up towards the to & drills Omega with a flying brain-buster. PAC nearly gets the first pin-fall of the match as he hits Omega with a flying cutter from the apron, over the top rope, into the ring as we’re 10-minutes into this 30-minute Iron-man match. The Kansas City crowd is hot for this one as they start “Fight Forever” chants as PAC taunts them after hitting Omega with a super-kick to the back of the head. Omega goes for a frankensteiner on the top turnbuckle but PAC counters it into a flip powerbomb. Omega hits another dragon suplex then follows it up with a vicious running knee to the face but PAC kicks out at 2. PAC rolls to the outside of the ring, drills Omega with a steel-chair & Omega gets the first fall via DQ. PAC rolls Omega back into the ring & drills him with the chair to the back of the head once again as the referee is distracted by The Young Bucks & PAC pins Omega to knot it up at 1 fall apiece. The referee gets knocked out after PAC drills Omega with a drop-kick & Omega falls backwards into the referee. PAC goes under the ring to fetch a table & sets it up at ringside as the time trickles to under 8 minutes remaining. PAC puts Omega’s motionless body onto the table, hits him with an elbow to the head & climbs up the turnbuckle. PAC crushes Omega through the table with a shooting star press outside the ring as the crowd is in an absolute frenzy. PAC makes it back into the ring as Omega is struggling to beat the 10-count but The Young Bucks help him back in the ring after a 9-count as we’re still tied at 1-fall each with 5-minutes remaining. PAC goes for a corkscrew dive off the top turnbuckle but Omega gets his knees up. Omega drills PAC with a running knee to the face & follows it up with another then hits him with a urinage then tries for a pin which PAC is able to kick out of at a 2-count. Omega goes for a V-Trigger but PAC counters it with a hurricarana then locks in the “Brutalizer” as there’s only 2-minutes remaining. Omega rolls around & is able to grab the rope as the referee breaks the hold. PAC re-applies the submission with 1-minute remaining in the contest. Omega rolls PAC over for a quick pin but PAC twists the submission back into place to break the pin & re-applies the submission as time expires. This match is a DRAW. The Young Bucks come into the ring to check on Omega as PAC attacks referee, Paul Turner in anger. Ring announcer, Justin Roberts announces that he’s gotten word that the match will resume under sudden-death rules. Next fall wins. Referee Aubrey Edwards comes down to the ring to restart the match. Omega hits a V-Trigger right away but PAC kicks out at 2. Omega then hits a One-Winged Angel & gets the win. What a match. After the match, Tony Schiavone is interviewing PAC on the stage & asks how it feels to lose after traumatizing Omega’s friends for so long. PAC yells at Tony as Orange Cassidy comes out to a huge ovation. PAC drills Cassidy with an elbow to the face as security comes out to escort PAC to the back.

Segment 2 – Backstage, Lexi is trying to interview AEW World Champion, Chris Jericho & knocks on his locker room door but Jake Hager answers as Lexi asks if she can speak with Jericho…Hager just stares at her for a few seconds before closing the door as Lexi kicks it back over to the commentary booth.

Segment 3 – 6-man Tag-Team Match – Sammy Guevara, Santana & Ortiz vs Jurassic Express. The match begins as Jungle Boy goes running right after Guevara & Junglesaurus drills Santana & Ortiz with a super-kick each but the pair get up at hit the big-man with a flapjack as Marko Stunt comes into the ring & gets stomped on by Sammy Guevara as the trio mocks the Jungle Express as we go to a commercial break. Guevara hits a running shooting star press on Jungle Boy but Marko Stunt jumps off the top rope to break it up. Luchasaurus hits a moonsault off of the apron. Darby Allin comes out from the crowd & rips the loaded sock away from Guevara as Jungle Boy hits a hurricarana for the pin-fall victory. After the match, Guevara goes after Allin but Allin hits him with a back body drop out of the ring.

Segment 4 – Best Friends (with Orange Cassidy) vs The Butcher & The Blade (with The Bunny). We get some nice back & forth from both teams as this match begins. The Butcher takes control over Chuck & slows the pace of the match down considerably as he makes the tag to The Blade. Chuck is able to crawl to his corner & make the hot-tag to Trent who starts taking both of his opponents out. He works Blade outside of the ring with a nice spear as all competitors are down at ringisde. The Bunny & Orange Cassidy get into the ring & Bunny takes off Cassidy’s glasses & goes for the low-blow but Cassidy grabs her leg & steals her Bunny ears, Bunny tries to slap him but he ducks, The Blade comes in & accidentally runs into her then hits The Butcher with as suicide dive. Best Friends hit The Blade with their tag-team finisher for the win. After the match, Best Friends announce that Orange Cassidy will have his first official match in AEW & he’ll face PAC, Saturday night at AEW Revolution & says he’ll actually try which Cassidy responds with a vintage half thumbs-up which the crowd eats up as we go to commercial.

Segment 5 – Yuka Sakazaki vs Big Swole vs Hikaru Shida vs Shanna. This is a nice showcase of the company’s women’s division outside of Nyla Rose, Riho, Kris Statlander & Britt Baker. This is a pretty good match & one of the better women’s division matches so far in AEW. Shida picks up the win after hitting a running knee on Big Swole.

Segment 6 – We go to a pre-taped interview where Jim Ross sits down with the AEW Tag-Team Champions, Kenny Omega & Adam Page as well as their challengers, this Saturday night, The Young Bucks. This conversation gets heated when Page says he tried to leave The Elite but The Bucks wouldn’t let him. The Bucks say Page was nothing more then a jobber in Ring of Honor before The Bucks took him under their wing & brought him to The Bullet Club. Page says his glass of whiskey is empty, so he’s done with the interview & walks off set. After the segment, the commentary booth runs through Saturday night’s PPV card before we got to a commercial.

Segment 7 – AEW World Championship Weigh-In – Chris Jericho (C) & Jon Moxley. Tony Schiavone is in the ring & introduces legendary announcer Gary Michael Cappetta who then introduces Moxley & Jericho. Moxley weighs in at 234 pounds. Jericho is up next. He stalls for a few minutes calling Chiefs’ Quarterback, Patrick Mahomes a “piece of sh*t”. He’s about to step on the scale but gets in Moxley’s face instead. Moxley headbutts Jericho & busts the champion’s nose open. The Inner Circle attacks Moxley as Dustin Rhodes comes to make the save as he & Jake Hager fight into the hallways of the arena. We cut back to the ring & Darby Allin comes out & Sammy Guevara drills him with a skateboard. It’st Moxley & Jericho in the ring now as they go at it. Jericho drills Moxley with a Judas Effect then hits him with his own finisher, The Paradigm Shift onto the scale as he poses with the AEW World Championship over Moxley’s body as the show goes off the air.

NXT Review

Segment 1 – Dominik Dijakovic vs Cameron Grimes. The bell rings and they go at it. Dijakovic floors Grimes with a headlock & Dijakovic overpowers Grimes’ attempts to get out of the hold and keeps him grounded. Dijakovic drills Grimes with a shoulder strike. hey keep going and Grimes nails a dropkick. The pair go back & forth for a few minutes as Dijakovic sends Grimes out to the floor. Grimes lands hard. Dijakovic brings him back in but Grimes kicks him from the apron back to the floor. Dijakovic tries to come back in but Grimes nails a penalty kick to drop him again. Grimes has Dijakovic grounded in the middle of the ring. Dijakovic fights up and out but Grimes beats him back down to doubling over. Damian Priest runs down the ramp and takes Dijakovic’s knee out with a weapon. Priest hops right over the barrier into the crowd and retreats as Dijakovic goes down on the floor. The referee turns around and starts counting but Dijakovic makes it back in right before the 10 count. Grimes immediately puts Dijakovic right back down with the “Cave-In” double stomp for the win.

Segment 2 – Finn Balor comes out to the ring to address what’s next for him in NXT. Balor asks “who’s next to get that Finn Balor rub?” Imperium’s Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner interrupt Balor & says there’s one thing that Balor hasn’t accomplished & says NXT UK Champion, WALTER sends his best regards. Balor drop-kicks Barthel through the ropes to the outside of the ring. Barthel & Aichner drill Balor into the steel-steps. The pair stand over Balor then head to the back.

Segment 3 – Mia Yim vs Xia Li. Yim tosses Li right into the conrer & goes for a rolling senton which Li moves out of the way of. Li hits a couple of nice punches on Yim before hitting her with a clothesline & kick to the face. Yim hits Li with the “Eat Defeat” out of nowhere for the pin-fall victory. After the match Dakota Kai comes out to the ring being flanked by Raquel Gonzalez. Gonzalez attacks Yim as Li tries to help but gets blasted by Gonzalez as well. Gonzalez plants Yim with a choke-slam before her & Kai make their way to the back.

Segment 4 – Velveteen Dream is shown backstage & says since Dakota Kai & Tegan Nox are fighting in a Steel Cage, next week, NXT General Manager, William Regal mine as well let Dream & Roderick Strong fight inside of it, next week, too.

Segment 5 – Tommaso Ciampa vs Austin Theory. This is much more competitive then most people probably expected. Theory is so good at such a young age & I’m glad they let him showcase his skills a bit against one of the very best in the business. Ciampa hits him with a huge German suplex & follows it up with running knee to the face in the corner. Ciampa goes for a Fairytale Ending but Theory counters with an elbow to the back of the head. Ciampa looks shocked/impressed with the young, Theory.n Theory hits an Ataxia but Ciampa kicks out at 2. The pair trade some heavy shots but Ciampa finally hits the Fiarytale Ending for the victory. After the match, Gargano comes out & attacks Ciampa & drills Ciampa with a super-kick. Gargano drills him again then sits on the apron & mocks Ciampa as we go to commercial.

Segment 6 – Backstage, we see The Undisputed Era. Roderick Strong says he agrees with Velveteen Dream that they should have a Steel Cage match, next week. Strong says he’s going to break Dream in half. Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish says they’re coming for Riddle & Dunne & will regain their tag-team titles. Adam Cole says Strong will get the NXT North American Championship back & The Undisputed Era will once again be dripping in gold as the group poses to end the segment.

Segment 7 – Killian Dain vs Bronson Reed. This is a good, quick match between 2 behemoths. Dain gets the better of Reed after hitting him with thee Vader Bomb for the win

Segment 8 – The Forgotten Sons vs The Grizzled Young Vets. The crowd isn’t really into this one much as they all know Charlotte Flair vs Bianca Belair is on deck. The Grizzled Young Vets win after hitting The Ticket to Mayhem on Blake.

Segment 9 – Kat Marion is interviewing Tegan Nox backstage. Nox says she will end Dakota Kai & her “little friend”, Raquel Gonzalez, next week inside of a Steel Cage.

Segment 10 – Charlotte Flair vs Bianca Belair. The fans are pouring down “you don’t go here” chants on Flair as the bell rings & the match begins. The two ladies trade submission holds as Flair breaks out & lays Belair out. The once again trade holds for a few minutes. Flair drills Belair with a big boot & taunts her opponent by standing over her motionless body. The once again trade shots for a few minutes as Flair goes for a submission but Belair breaks out & drop-kicks her through the ropes to the outside of the ring. Belair chases Flair & throws her back into the ring. Then misses a diving move from the top but hits a spear as Flair gets up & drills Belair with a vicious spear of her own & gets the 3-count for the win. Flair grabs a chair & stomps on Belair’s ankle with it & locks in the submission but Rhea Ripley rushes the ring & Flair slides out of the ring as the WrestleMania opponents bicker back & forth as the show goes off the air.

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